Acquire the energy you need
to integrate exercise into
your busy life.

I offer proven tips, workouts and recipes
to get you through the bumps.

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Food is life.

Develop a healthy relationship with food
while creating ultra health.


What's your Goal?

Build a stronger you, from head to toe!

Fitness Training
Optimize fat burning and build the body you want.
Functional Nutrition
Reduce sugar cravings, improve gut health, reduce inflammation, and increase energy with simple recipes.
Holistic Health
Create balance by practicing mindfulness and gratitude and following my holistic approach to health.
Transform Your Life

Transform your life – become healthier, fitter and mentally stronger!

Let me help you transform your mind, body and the way you see food forever. For me, being “healthy” involves so much more than just what you eat and how you move your body. I share with you the system that turned my life around!
Noemi Rios

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bland. Head over to my tasty, amazing recipes!


See how I’ve helped change real people’s lives for the better with positive results every time!

Javier Santana

Noemi is a true professional. Her dedication to you is rivaled only by her attention to detail when developing a plan specific to you. In the time I worked with her, not only did I see results, I learned about nutrition. Whenever ever we hit a plateau she discussed in detail the why behind her recommendations to overcome those moments. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change and see lasting results!

Sared Santana

Port St. Lucie, FL
Noemi is spectacular! She will customize a tailor fitted plan to meet goals specific for you. Her coaching and insight into fitness and nutrition was indispensable on my journey and weight lost transformation. I highly recommended working with her.

Isabel Sotomayor

Cranston, RI
I have always admired Noemi’s dedication to health and fitness, but I was always intimidated because I never felt I was going to be able to do what she did. However, the way she does things are so inviting and motivational, it actually makes me think I can at least try. So thank you, for educating yourself and always looking for ways to make these types of changes possible for people like me, not just clueless, but insecure.

Luis Yanez

Palm City, FL
Having Noemi coach me was a great decision! Her dedication and insight with training programming and getting my nutrition dialed in with her guidance allowed me to gain muscle and lean out.