About Noemi

Hi there! I’m Noemí. I was born and raised in the boogie down Bronx in New York in the 80s, just a short 8-minute walk from the Yankee Stadium and the running track that was right across the street from it. Growing up, I always loved fitness. I believe my love of fitness stems from my dad who made his health a priority. I remember running with him at the track after the worst snowstorm ever and ending up with a sore throat immediately after because I didn’t listen to his advice of inhaling through my nose only. It was exercise that ultimately saved his life when he encountered a brain injury from which very few recuperate. In an effort to share my love of fitness, in 2000 I sought my Personal Trainer Certification with ACE and scored my first job at a Bally’s Sports Club in New York City.

While I later went into corporate America, I never stopped working out, eating healthy and becoming current with the fitness industry, but most importantly with exercise and nutrition science. It was a passion I could never shake. This lead me to compete in the Anna Level National Physique Competition (NPC) in the Figure Division in 2012 in West Palm Beach, where I took third place in my class.

However, the more I immersed myself in how the fitness competition industry worked, the less joy I derived. I became obsessed with exercise, sometimes working out three times a day, and narrowed my food intake to nearly 10 food items—items I still remember consisted of bland chicken breast, nasty tilapia, unsavory egg whites, tuna sans the mayonnaise, steamed broccoli, spinach and green beans, brown rice, rice cakes without nut butter, and olive oil—but never surpassing a teaspoon of it of course! Oh how things have changed since then.

Being a novice to the world of competition, and left to my own devices post-competition, I became more and more “disciplined”—so I thought—with every morsel of food I put in my mouth, how many hours of my day I dedicated to workouts, and struggled with body dysmorphia.

It was hard to find my love of fitness again and it took awhile but eventually my experience with food and exercise obsession helped me to develop a three-tier approach assisting in the recalibration of my mindset and aiding in the implementation of realistic and sustainable, healthy habits. This approach resurrected my love of fitness and helped me come to the full understanding that real health must be approached holistically. It comes from a place of balance and practicing self-care and compassion. I recertified as a NASM Personal Trainer, and also acquired a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist certification.

Whatever your reasons for improving your health, even if you’ve tried before and failed, you can succeed with the RIGHT tools and knowledge. You deserve to live well and feel well every day and live your best life! Your family deserves a son/daughter, brother/sister, spouse and/or parent that’s healthy!

This site is an ode to good health, to eating delicious food (because I love to eat!!), to moving every day because you can, to being silly and enjoying the ride while reaching your unending destination. It’s a labor of love to help serve as a hub of information so you can find, not only the motivation and discipline to get you on track, but most importantly, help you achieve the healthiest, sanest YOU possible!

In health,

by Noemi Rios