My Philosophy

My Brain-Body-Balance philosophy will create the happiest and healthiest you in the process, but it does have one side effect. You’ll become even more smokin’ hot in the process! Aha! I like to keep things as simple and delicious as possible because I can appreciate that you have a life but also want to be as healthy as possible to live it fully.

Unadulterated, real food

I believe that with every bite of food we, not only fuel our bodies, but also feed it data that can help or hurt us. Food (and Franken-food) influences how we look, feel and, yes, even think. Eating real food from the earth instead of the cupboard, going back to the basics of planning a meal and taking the time to truly enjoy and savor it is the foundation for a healthy, nourished gut. Oh yeah! And don’t forget to hydrate in the process.

Basic supplementation

Even while eating the cleanest, most nutrient-dense food in the world, you’ll still need those micronutrients that come in the form of vitamins and minerals daily. That’s where supplements come in, but don’t be fooled… not all supplements are created equal.

Lifestyle changes

Eating healthy and working out consistently but still stuck and even stressed? That’s because food and exercise are only a piece of the puzzle. Relaxation, finding ways to decompress that are right for you and making sure you get adequate amounts of sleep are also key.

Moderation and balance

Oh what to do when you miss a workout or are celebrating with friends, or have a night out in the town? Enjoy the rest and the not-so-good-for-you food of course! Then move on. We can’t be perfect every time. Sometimes the nourishing foods won’t be readily available and sometimes you’ll get a flat tire on the way to the gym making you miss your workout altogether. Learn to live life, roll with the punches and not let the minor incidents derail you.

Living as green as possible

We can’t eliminate all environmental toxins and we don’t want to go back to living in the ice-age, so what to do? For starters, start cooking in a pan that’s PFOA and PTFE-free; store food in glass instead of plastic. Stop the habit of using anti-bacterial gel every time you shake someone’s hand. Use natural cleaning products like vinegar and lemon. Buy natural hygiene and self-care products—our skin is our largest organ and absorbs all we put on it. Small changes can help you live a greener, healthier life that will in turn reduce your exposure to toxins.