Is Sugar Really THAT Bad for You?

Is Sugar Really THAT Bad for You? April 25, 2022Leave a comment

A case for sugar…sugar

I know the media has you thinking sugar is the devil, but ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’d like to plead my case for sugar…

I recently heard Simon Sinek say the human brain can not comprehend the negative and he gave an example, “Don’t think of an elephant.” Of course all you can do when you hear of that is to, well, think of an elephant! You can’t tell the brain NOT to think about something and expect to distract it with other things because what you focus on will inevitably multiply. So here’s the deal…

I’m not saying to go crazy with sugar—but I believe it’s imperative that we not go to extremes. PeriodT! Yes, period with a T! While sugar might not be great to eat all day long, it has more emotional disadvantages to deny yourself something you could eat and simply move on from, than to avoid it entirely, become obsessed over it and end up in a bingeing frenzy, hating that you lost self-control.

Make sugar your “friend”.

So here are some ground rules…

Having sugar can become an enjoyable, balanced part of your weekly nutrition protocol.

If you’re going to have sugar, try to add it after you’ve had a balanced meal composed of protein, fiber and healthy fats. This will help you NOT have a sugar crash and have you craving sugar all day. Sort of the same rule as, “Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach.”

Eat your sweets when you actually want them, and not just because they’re in front of you.

You know what I mean? Your co-worker brings in donuts and suddenly you just reach for them without thought to if you actually are craving a donut or not. Strategize. Do you want it REALLY or can you leave it?

Build a good relationship with sugar.

Prove to yourself you CAN have just one or two pieces instead of the whole bag/box. This requires you give your brain new “evidence” to actually believe. It means you’ll have to get your “reps” in (AKA “practice” over and over to eat just one) to show your brain it can believe you when you say only one will go down the hatch.

Eat it while you’re “conscious”.

I know. I know. It’s not like you’re getting your sugar fix intravenously while you’re knocked out cold, but (!!!) how often have you scarfed down some sweets mindlessly in front of the TV, or while working or simply on auto-pilot? The more we do that, the more pieces it takes for you to feel satisfied and enjoy what you’re eating.

So in conclusion, remember this…

What you focus on multiplies, so why not focus on NOT quitting… ever?

The healthiest, fittest people are the ones that put forth effort every day in eating more whole foods than they do processed foods, knowing that means they’ll never eat perfectly again… and being OKAY with that.

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