Real food for the win!

Real food for the win! January 16, 2018Leave a comment

Ever noticed how there are never any coupons for real food? That should tell you something. Food brands will always want to “sell” you on how good or even how “healthy” their products are. Real food does not need to sell you on its benefits because it is common sense that they’re good for you.

Many people will say that eating healthy and mostly organic is expensive. However, I beg to differ.

Here’s my food haul from Aldi’s. The total was a mere $64.04 for all that food and a whole lotta meals. Eating junk-food at a drive-through for a party of ONE and just ONE meal is always $8-10—plus the added unhealthy side effects that come along with it of course.

Below you’ll see a food to “Franken-food” comparison (courtesy of the documentary Fed UP) of what a family can expect to save when choosing real, whole food for their family. You’ll notice there is a big difference in what people perceive they are saving and what is actually true when eating real foods.

In my food haul you see mostly organic produce, wild-caught seafood, raw nuts and roasted nuts and seeds sans the harmful vegetable oils. Additionally, the prosciutto is dry-cured and absent of sulfites, nitrates, and sugar.

The fish is readily available when I want it because it’s frozen. The nuts/seeds are also readily available. I bought two packs of frozen vegetables for when I’ve been pressed for time and haven’t had time to cook, I can still eat nutritiously (frozen produce still retain their phytonutrients).

As for the perishables, they’re ready for me to gobble them up and feed this here body y’all!!! Just remember when you purchase perishable food to think of HOW MUCH of it you will eat right away and which you can store. This will allow you to buy only what you can eat immediately instead of buying extra, having it rot on your countertop and wasting money frivolously.

As Dr. Mark Hyman says, “Food is Medicine”. Invest in the right “prescription”. A person that’s ill but wanting to get well, will spend hundreds of dollars on medicine DESPITE all the side effects. Consider investing those hundreds of dollars in real food today instead of getting ill in the first place.

Eat real food. It’s that simple. I promise.

In health,

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